Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black Shades

The Night was never ending .Darkness spread every where. The sky seemed very sad and there were no stars in the sky. It was trying to tell us a story - a story of mourning .

It was a suicide. The family was alone that night. The children stood near the body of their father, which was hanging in the roof. They were crying. No one dared even to touch the body .People who were standing in front of the house and some of the relatives tried to console the mother who was laying on the floor. The police was there on duty. People went back to their home .She could n ' t control her sobs .

She was re - collecting the memories of her past life which were not at all a peaceful one .Their family was a joint one .The problems from his own family was unbearable to him. They were isolated by other families. The mental problems compelled him to make such a decision. The relatives arranged the funeral along with the help of their neighbors. The son burned his father ' s body with a few drops of tears in his eyes. The family members of the dead offered them all the basic facilities which were at once denied by them.

The children could n 't accept these offers from them. More over they liked to consider them as their enemies because they lost their father for ever . That time the family members were apologizing to the dead for their cruel deeds.

In this present world people commit suicide in order to escape from their problems and responsibilities. people do n ' t give any importance to Moral values . Some times you can save a life with your sweet smile or your sweet words can change them. but we are not ready to spent our time for others. We are happy with our own life , then why should we interfere in others problems ?


wordsmaid said...

"The son burned his father ' s body with a few drops of tears in his eyes."

What does that mean, Gayathri?

anu.j.das said...

Heart touching subject,gayu

pooja said...

you are right.everybody is bothered about only their own lives. That needs to change.