Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I knew that it would one day come
I knew I'd have to sing this sad song
I remember my first day at college
I was still a kid, just out of school
My heart was beating faster
As i walked through the corridor
Soon I learned to love and not to fear

English literature, the land of stories, plays and poetry
Caring teachers who teach us with love
Lovely friends and very little study
We enjoyed while in the class
Teased the teachers, played games
Bunked the classes and went for movies

We enjoy till the moments of separation
and those cherished moments will live forever

I am proud of my beloved college
I am proud of what it has done to me
For it has taught me to keep cool
And not to believe in everything I see

I believe college days are the most happiest in our life
And now its time to shed tears...
The best days of my life are going to end


achu said...

dear..i think you could have made it more poetic..still you conveyed your feelings through your words and made me sad..:-(

nasvi said...

really touching dear.....

wordsmaid said...

Good as a nostalgic piece. To make it a poem, you should have tickled the imagination and senses more.

anu.j.das said...

I agree with achu chechi & sir

pooja said...

sooner than later we too are gonna be in your situation too...