Friday, January 28, 2011

"Hey,what happened?", I asked.

Anjali seems to be terribly disturbed.she used to be a cheerful gal who talked and laughed her hearts out.But what happened now?

"Didn't get through the exam."her voice gave way to a subdued sob.I glanced over her marklist.Black letters ornating the green tinted paper.


Dont get surprised.Its not the only kind of its kind.There stands twenty of my classmates who managed to get a non-zero single digit mark by sheer luck. The fact that they can't even do justice to their mother tongue troubles me all the same.

"Dont worry, why cry over spilt milk?you've another chance.clear your paper in the forthcoming supplimentary exam.Get going I'll help you."I consoled her.But who is responsible for it?

A year ago I found students pleading with the Principal to admit them to the college.The same students now struggle to score these splendid marks.

Students these days limit their goal to securing admission in a reputed college."College life is to enjoy.......,to fulfill heart's desires......learning will go with it.",says a second year Degree student.For girls like her cutting classes is a fun.One who deceives teachers the best is the most brilliant.she usually has a huge circle of fans.Canteen is their official discussion and gossip room.Toilets their busy beauty parlours.How many times one have to apply pancakes? Can you guess.........

Once.......Twice.............No at least thrice.

One just before the class,another at lunch break and yet another after the class.

Cobwebs ornate libraries.Newspapers lay unread.Oh!the reading room is occupied.thanks to the triffle weeklies and monthlies.Classrooms........Who cares for it?

This easy going attitude makes the class inactive,boresome and monotonous.Hey ,I'm not advocating to be bookish which of course is unjustifiable in any sense.But I've never found an enthusiastic soul with a cravy mind eager to plunge his head into the delighted ocean of knowledge.

Sad But True........


Mercedes said...

True story.Can't blame them.They have no one to inspire them.They don't want to be inspired. Maybe for most the college is an escape.Who knows where they come from.

wordsmaid said...

Alas! What to do with them! But wordsmaid is only concerned about how you expressed your grave matter, Greeshma.

I like the way you used spaces in our piece. There are one sentence paragraph, one clause paragraph. And you vary the length. Good. Easy on my eyes. And readers like to read a piece which begins with a question. And they get curious.(But don't overdo it).

In the second paragraph, you asked the question, "What happened now?"
And the third paragraph, you get the answer in quotes. "Didn't get through the exam." You should've avoided that. Try deleting that quote and read it. Her marks will answer that question.

Don't fill all the gaps for your readers. Help them imagine the scene. For that little gaps are needed.

And please avoid cliches like, 'Cry over spilt milk'. It has turned sour for many centuries.

It is a good piece Greeshma.

pooja said...

well said greeshma..i couldnt have said it better