Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Like a blowball she came to me
Floated in the breeze for a while
I dared not to look at her
Fearing that the fire would char her down.

She was lively and cherubic
Wanting love and wanting to love
Sensing my ceaseless flow of love she thrilled
She never knew her smile would turn into a cry.

She swayed in the wind, enticing me
Her naughtiness delighted me
Her magnetic appeal drew me closer to her
I never knew I would hurt her.

On my rough palm she took a seat
I was amazed, she found it cosy
Sipping love from my heart she elated
I was cautious to refill it, she sipped more.

As she sneaked into my chamber of dark secrets
I opened the doors wide and let her in.
She stumbled on the beast and the man in me
But she loved the beast more.

I gave her a bunch of sincere love
And a pinch of deep sorrow.
I realized, its time to say goodbye
'I should let her go', my stony-heart pushed me.

Opening my palms I asked her to leave
As she clung on to my fingers I blew.
She loosened her hold and went down and down
I turned my head at her yearning eyes.

She left with a chunk of my heart and her's broken
I hear her call for my love......I am sorry.

1 comment:

wordsmaid said...

Beautiful poem! But I am not the right person to comment about a poem. The official poet's critic is Sabin.

I like the fourth stanza. She didn't utter the word butterfly. Why should she!