Monday, January 31, 2011


11 O' clock at night.I was late for sleep.Usually I go to bed by 10 O'clock.Tensions and burdens of the day tired me.I fell into my bed and in a few minutes went into deep sleep as though I had taken sleeping pills.
Disturbing my sleep, I heard someone knocking at the door.My sleep didn't care that.More knockings and with a surprise, he entered hastily into my room.I woke up terrified and ask him,"Who are you?" Without answering,he looked into my eyes as he knew me for many years.I repeated my question.At last he replied in a sweet voice,"you can call me what you like.Can we go for a walk?" I wanted to say no but without my knowledge my head nodded 'Yes'.
Before saying anything he held my hand and both of us walked stealthily.Iwas unable to see anything in my way.Fear tied my eyes.Knowing my feelings,he held my hand firmly.We stopped before a door and he pushed the door.He invited me into his world of wonders.Everything there was new to me.Holding his arms, I flew like a bird around the world.I felt the cold of icecubes.I touched the hot sands of deserts.I walked through oceans.I played with the moon.
Time went by.At one moment he stopped and stood before me.Then with a trembling sound,he said,"I have to go now.Before going,I want to say something to you.It is in this letter."He handed me a piece of paper.I read those word and to give a reply,I looked into his grateful eyes.With hesitation, I opened my mouth.But suddenly I heard a big shout.I slowly opened my eyes.It was my mother.Angerily she shouted,"Its 7 O'clock.wake up."I took some minutes to become conscious.Sorrowfully,I recalled those words:
"It was nice time with you.See you again"
Yours dream

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good start shima.....