Monday, February 7, 2011


Deepa is waiting.... Days passed. January,February,March....months flew away, 27 years, yet she is waiting!

All these years she didn't know what she waited for but now, she did. It is for her beloved father.

She watched the moving ants. She clapped when the flies wrestled each other. She looked on with surprise when the belly of mosquito swelled with her own blood. But she didn't notice when the mosquitos flew away with her months and years.

Deepa is interested in the world. But her interests are limit to certain things only, that are what considered as negligible for the majority of the world. Alas! Her world limited to the small circle for more than 27 years.

Deepa doesn't know anything about her past and nothing about the present. But when she was born , her parents had a lot of dreams about her. They loved her twinkling little eyes, black curly hair and teethless mouth. But they never gave her parents any idea that their daughter is mentally retarded.

She stared into vaccum, when her sister played with others. She watched the unfurling of flowers. The flowers bloomed and witherd. Her parents sighed.

Age wrote changes upon Deepa. Her legs and hands grew. But they left her little dead eyes and curley hair untouched. Her parents left behind dreams about her as she became a question mark in their poor family.

Her mother watched children of Deepa's age go to school, from their old mined window. She wiped her tears. Her father sobbed within when he attended the marriage functions of girls. Eventhough he is not able to meet both ends of life, his heart longed to see his daughter's marriage. Tears welled in the corner of his eyes when he looked at Deepa.

"She is a nice girl" says Mr.Sudhakaran Nair(name changed),a neighbour of Deepa.She loves her as he loves his daughters.In his opinion Deepa's mother is the reason for her present condition.Only because of the carelessness of her mother,Deepa didn't get the basic treatment and training for mentally challenged people. Now it is too late. He expressed his anxiety about Deepa's life after the death of her parents.Her mother totally ignorent and careless in the case of the girl. She never gave much thought about the future of her daughter,as Sudhakaran Nair did. He thinks that it is better to send Deepa to some orphanage. So that in a way Deepa will get security in her life.

Deepa always wore a long gown which was not apt for her skinny body. But she never gave it a second thought. Most of the day she sits infront the rental house. House? How can you call it as a house? the place where she is living; thatmay be more apt. Because it is a narrow place in between two other rooms of a building. Sitting there Deepa watched her loving bees everyday. But she never noticed busy vehcles and colourfully dressed people who traversed daily through the road infront of her. Everyday her father sit baside her on a blue scratched old chair. He spent hours in the same position.

Most of the time he thinks about deepa. sometimes he finds time to think about her older daughter too. Because he is the only person to think about her. Her husband abandoned both her and her 10 year old child. Her meagre salary from the factory is the only income in that family of five members.

Deepa's father is plagued with diseases. He is unable to go for work. His daughter is not happy in taking care of her mentally challenged sister. You can't blame her. Because she is alone in shouldering the burdens of her family.

Now the blue chair is empty!It was so for
almost two months.Deepa knows that her father is in the hospital.One day he will return.That's why she is waiting.

But her mother and sister are aware that he has left for ever.They saw his body being burried in the public cemetry!


pooja said...

A touching story Anuja....Good sart.keep writing........

anu.j.das said...

Anuja,it is a heart touching story.why god give her this destiny?we can only pray 4 them