Monday, February 7, 2011


On the hill top a house,contains 3 bedrooms,kitchen and a sitout.In front of the house,we can see a 'charukasera'.In that sits a man of 75.He is not alone there.On his lap his granddaughter,malu is nuestling towards his chest.She is the apple of the eyes of grandpa.They are talking very seriously but when we sharpen our ear,we can understand what they say?It is about silly things.Because that is their world.

They are enjoying their childhood.

Every evening,they go for a walk.Malu steps first holding her grandpa.They are very interested in watching the natural scene.They like to hear the lullaby of water.They sit down on the banks and they talk to the ripples of water.They share their happiness.They lead a happy life in their world.But suddenly she comes.......

His daughter comes from Singapore.She rakes up troubles in the house.What will they do?They don't know.But they know one thing.They lost their calm life because of her.

Gradually malu's father tries to vecate their house.His quest comes true.He gets a rental house.He asks permission to his father.But grandpa doesn't utter a word,he takes malu and embracing her starts weeping.

That night grandpa couldn't sleepwell.He stares at the whitewall.Slowly he inches towards reality,"malu will never come back to me."We will never go to the same river banks,never hear the song of water.He curses his daughter.

Next morning,malu comes to grandpa with an innocent smile.He gives her a glass of milk.Usually it was with sugar but now it is bitter,bitter with salt...When his son calls malu,grandpa stands with heart-breaking pain.His eyes fills with tears.He gazes at the path.

Suddenly it rains in torrents.


pooja said...

I can feel the pain of the Grandfather.....I've always wanted grandparents in my life.........I have many too,in the form of all the grannys and granpas of the world.

wordsmaid said...

Anu, read more to get more words. Don't use Malayalam words, like 'charukasera' unless you have a specific reason for it. Don't look at me like that. I agree I use the technique while I write. But I ask me a hundred times, before I use one. I use them at the right occasion to create an impact.

anu.j.das said...

Thank you Sir,i will change that.actually i didn't get the right word 4 that,that is why wrote it in malayalam.can u tel me the right word?now i have interest in reading.i think i got new words while i start reading.i will never renounce reading.

anu.j.das said...

Thank you p√łoja