Monday, February 7, 2011

A Dream Come True..........

8:45 in the morning.With barely 30 minutes to go,the seminar hall looks like a disturbed hive.

"Is the tea for our guests ready?"
"Problem.The third mike is not working."
"Should we put the banner up on the right or the left?"
"Who has gone to get the bouquets?"

The air sizzles with excitement,anxiety and tension.

"It's 9:00.a.m. girls ! 10 minutes to go before Sir turns up!",shouts one of my friends as she rushes in with the bouquets.I turn to Greeshma in desperation,"My 'Vote of Thanks', I'm stuck up..........".

"Yikes!Did you hear a horn? Is that him?"

Heartbeats get racing as the clock ticks.


"There they are!!!" A girl dashes to the hall to alert the others as a white Ford Fiesta pulls in.

Mr.Sabin Iqbal,editor,, Miss Cris Seetha, Chief reporter,,and Mr.Shyam Nath, reporter, our special guests for the day pour out from the car along with sir. Their warm smiles scrape away a crumb of the tension in our hearts.

They are escorted to the principal's office and served tea while the last minute touch up is done at the venue.

9:55.a.m. 5 minutes to showtime. Everything is set and everyone is ready. I look around.Excitement and tension jostle for space in each eye.

The programme starts,the guests are welcomed and the presidential address delivered.This is it.What we have all been waiting for.Mr.Sabin Iqbal will now speak to us on the topic, 'Method In Madness-Blending Of Passion And Skill In Writing'.

Our tension broke away in huge chunks when sir started to speak.Extremely free, cheerful and friendly in his approach, we were immediately put at ease.Each word dripped with passion and sincerity as it travelled from his heart to ours digging deeper each time it struck. Every word inspired. The tips and ideas offered were devoured hungrily.

Unfortunately for us, Time was in a hurry.We were forced to wind up the session and break up for tea.

The 15 minutes that followed was filled with the thrilled chatter of a bunch of inspired and overjoyed girls.Excitement ruled every sparkling eye.

Tea done, Cris Seetha, Shyam Nath and Sabin Sir joined us for an interactive session.With the informal seating arrangements and the friendly, cheerful manner of our guests, all of us loosened up and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.Each of the questions and doubts that popped up from amidst the students were cleared enthusiastically.The session proved to be a learning experience for us.

"Why did we get so tense before they came? They are such friendly people. I thought they'd be scary", said one of our friends as we bade goodbye to our new found aquaintances. For us the programme started with Mr.Sabin Iqbal, Miss Cris Seetha and Mr.Shyam Nath and ended with Sabin Sir, Cris and Shyam.

The main aspect about our guests that shone brightly was the fact that each of their lives is driven by passion.

Be it the passionate writer in Sabin Sir , the socially commited Cris or Shyam with a nose for news, each of them are passionate about what they pursue in life. I guess that's what makes life worth living.

Each of us took home memories of a very enriching, entertaining, informative day.A day that has left indelible impressions on our hearts.

We are grateful to our guests for sparing their time for us.But the Biggest THANK YOU goes to our MANU SIR.



Mercedes said...

Nicest,funniest,talented bunch of guests you can get. :).Sure could feel the excitement

anu.j.das said...

Remembering those incidents give more pleasure.Yes p√łoja it is speechless

Kaveri Chandrakumar said...

Can feel the excitement...!!
As u said..they are interesting because they are passionate....
I used to lead a very conventional life till a few years back....but then I realized that I need to break the shackles and come out into the open world...dream....explore....
This transformation led me to find atleast one hidden part of passionate side...
Well I must say....I was surprised at how passionate I was!!:-D

journalost said...

Thank you Pooja. You will never know how tense your guests were about the speeches and sessions with a bunch of young and enthusiastic girls like yourself. :-)

- Cris

pooja said...

Thanks Mercedes.

pooja said...

you sure are right anu.....speechless

anuja said...
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pooja said...

Thank you kavery.yup....PASSION is all that matters.When you choose a proffesion in life, you job should not make you work each day.It should let you LIVE each day.LIVE LIFE PASSIONATELY.

pooja said...

Thanks Cris.....