Sunday, February 6, 2011

The High Skies

I float above the clouds

I dance with the wind

And play in the rain.

I have beautiful wings,

Which help me to fly

Up and up above the world.

I wake up hearing the

Happy chirpings of the birds

And I also see the little birds

In the nest crying to their mother for food.

I see little children opening their little eyes

And again hiding in their bed sheets.

I see the flowers slowly opening their petals.

I see the beautiful ice-caped mountains

I see the world below me coming to life.

But I’m here, somewhere else

Where only love exists,

Where only kindness exists.

I wander above the clouds,

Playing hide and seek with them.

And I’m going on and on

Deep into the land of love.


pooja said...

lovely gouri,keep writing....

anu.j.das said...

Good gouri

Kaveri Chandrakumar said...

Everyone's dream...."to inhabit the land of Love"....
You have reached there through your wonderful imagination and have taken us along with you too....
thanks for the ride Gouri!!

Gouri said...

Really happy to hear from you all....I value whole heartedly your precious comments on my poems ......

anuja said...
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anuja said...

very nice poem gouri. thank you for ur ride. u take me to the world of beauty through the words.