Tuesday, February 8, 2011


He covers me as a cloud.
Who hides the powerful sun
Sometimes it is a relief
No tension,no more relations

He helps me to hoodwink all around.
He helps me to think over everything.
And helps me to take right decision.
So sometimes i love him more than anything.

Everybody is saying he is wrong.
I don't think so
He gives me chances to realise myself.
I love him more than anything.

I don't know he loves me?
Yes! Sometimes he also loves me.
That is why he comes again and again
I love him more than anything.


pooja said...

I love clouds too.They so totally set your imagination flying.......nice poem anu.keep writing

anu.j.das said...

Thank u pƶoja,ofcoure i will keep writing bcoz i love writing