Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Thrilling rain and thundering winds,
Beating upon the lane outside,

Cooling down the scorching heat,

Suspending me to purer thoughts.

Sitting beside this windowpane,

Where splashing droplets bathes my face,

On which the old age had its game,

I'm forced to caste a lingering look.

Looking back I can see,
The saga of my life in glee,
The splendid moments that made me gay,
The chilling griefs that made me cry.

Lying in the depths of ground,
I waited for the touch to wake,
The touch of God carried
Outside to the sparkling world.

Exposed to this wonder world,
Full of glittering stars above,
Stood I wonder-struck,
Can I become those stars one day?

Slowly slept the stars in quiet,
The moon too in deathly quiet,
Came the blushing sun in speed,
Spreading its joy to the entire world.

Taking heat and light I grew,

With water and compost too,
First in stem along with leaves,
Being one among the living beings.

Dancing with winds and trembling in storms,
I came up in joy and fear,
Praying to God who is near,

Sharing love to my siblings dear.

If I needed care at first,
Now I need nothing else,
I grew into a teenage tree,

Sidelining the God in me.

Zooming into a dream-like world,
I then became blind with pride,
I am the strongest green and wild,
Queen of the world with branches great.

New flowers came on me,

New colours bright and cool,
New fancies slow then fast,
New melodies and soundful thoughts.

Birds and bees came as guests,
Fell in love with them utmost,
Kissed me with their honeyed lips,
I gave birth to little seeds.

Brought them up with same concern,
The love, the care and joy I got,
Felt happy in their lovely flight,
Upwards for a newly life.

Spring came , summer came,
Autumn came , winter came,
Time passed , days passed,

Months passed , years passed.

My barks shrinked , my water vapourised,
I was set in a gloomy scene,
To watch the lonely stars at night,
Sitting by this window side.

I know the day will come,
For me to say "GOOD BYE",
Good bye to this world so dear,
forever sleep...the eternal sleep.


pooja said...

Good going paaaaaru!!!!!!!!!!keep writing.........

Paru said...

thank you.