Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just 4 you

A return to home after a long time . I could n ‘ t control my happiness. It was midnight and I could n ‘ t sleep . The sweet memories about my home and my childhood filled my mind with joy .

Even now I remember her , her sweet smile and wild eyes . Am I loving her ? I do n ‘ t know , but she is precious for me than everything . Now it is the right time to open my mind before her . Then the Moon and the flowers would be praying for me . Suddenly an unknown fear shattered my pleasant thoughts . Will she remember me ?

It was with a lot of expectations , I went back to my home . When I reached near the steps of my house , some fear caught my mind . But I tried to keep a smile over my face .

The rays of the Sun were trying to come out piercing the mist . It was so beautiful . I saw the mango tree in the yard and it also brought sweet memories to my mind . It welcomed me . My heart beat was increasing and each moment I was waiting for her .My family members were so enthusiastic and talked each other for a few moments . At last , after a long period of 10 years , I saw her . She was hiding behind a pillar.

I went to my room in order to take rest . My parents along with my relatives left me alone in my room . I was just waiting for that moment . Without the permission of them , I went to the yard . There I saw her and I presented her a box full of gifts . All those gifts were expressing my love towards her .

I was eagerly waiting for her reply . she smiled at me and gave me a feather of peacock. It was a gift I presented to her in my childhood days . From that I could feel her love for me . Then I felt gratitude to God for giving me such a wonderful moment . More over I was thanking her for her love.

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