Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Traffic jam-my daily waste of time.But that day a man with strange behaviour attracted me.A young man of unknown age in torn red shirt and black jeans.No more dust can occupy his dry hair and body.I have seen many beggars in my city.But i felt some speciality in this man.
He was sitting under the tree beside the road.First I thought he might be physically challenged.But soon I noticed that he had no such problems."Then why does he beg?".My anxiety raised.I began to watch him closely.I found then he was talking to the tree.'He is mentally ill',I concluded my findings.
He might have been thrown out of his family.No one might have helped him.There would be no one to share his sorrows and to console him.That would be why we talked to the tree- his home.My thoughts moved from one to another and I felt sympathy for him.
He was still talking to the tree.Sometimes laughed,othertimes nodded.'He may be talking about the cruelties of the world which will not give him a bit of bread to him but throw it into the dust bin',I thought.I was unable to help him now.I took strong decision to help him in future.
With pitiful eyes I stayed looking at him.In the next moment causing me a thunder shock,he took a bike parked beside the tree and went away like a rocket.Later I came to know that"my beggar" was a highly fashionable young man with 'youth icon' mobile phone.The dress he wore is the latest fashion'I really felt pity for him.
Sorry real beggars for my misunderstanding.Beware of these "unreal beggars".It will be good to use your own symbol to distinguish from those creatures.


wordsmaid said...

That could be your teacher after one of his jungle trips Shima. Read more. More words you know, more choices you get as you write.

anu.j.das said...

U r right shima,beggars were neglected by psuedo beggars.

pooja said...

Appearances can be deceptive right???????? Nice observation shima. keep writing.........

journalost said...

Haha Shima, why pity? There is no harm in choosing to wear what you prefer. You don't have to fit into the roles society designs for you. You can choose your own wardrobe, it be torn or worn. :-)

Kaveri Chandrakumar said...

I agree wid journalost....!!
Rebellion against conservatism is my motto now....:D