Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's Cooking?

I kept my word. Read a book before showing up in wordsmaid. Mr Wordsmaid was not happy with the absence, I could gather by the way he grunted every time he called and mentioned the blog. Brainy as I am, I could also quite get his meaning when he said he would do a vanishing act if none of us pitched in. It meant he would do a vanishing act. When it came to words that centred around certain acts of disappearance, he did more than he said. So here I am, little girls and not-so-little men.

So my book is one the rest of the world that called itself readers had finished long long ago. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Thanks to the man I would call Mr Editor for the rest of my life - a.k.a. Sabin. All his attempts to use his voluminous build to cover his little shelf of books went in vain as I jumped overboard and grabbed three of his priceless treasures. Blessed as he was, the little man's dimensions did not come a long way if you took the route upward.

The mood - completely misaligned with one that read The Kite Runner - comes from the fact that I was drawn to another PG Wodehouse soon after. I am an addict, could not help. Ye all know the story of Hassan and Amir. You don't need me to talk about its literary glory. Let's talk PG. Manu, I believe, has already written about humour writing. PG's style employs a simple game of words, especially meant for those with an imagination. It is no fantasy. But you need to see his words. Not just read. I thought about pasting an extract here. But I realise the context matters. So let's just trust my word for it - PG rocks (one verb I am sure neither of our editors are going to approve).

Well, I was passing this way. So thought I'd drop by and say howdy. Why don't ye all update me on what you've been reading. Advise me too. Anything humoury for me folks?


wordsmaid said...

Well, Cris...You are the sole force behind my venture into PG. I am going to read, and mark it, I will be back to see you:-) Well I am now reading a collection of stories - European Fiction, the best of 2011. I read some great stories. Sadly, I am not a voracious reader of Fiction, and I have read very few classics in my life. I read poetry and nonfiction. But now I realize I need a big big doze of fiction to support me writing.

pooja said...

P.G is someone I haven't yet laid my hands on.but listening to all of you rave about him,I'm itching to read him.In contrast to sir I used to be a voracious reader of fiction until recently when I started with non-fiction.I like both but now I feel more inclined to non-fiction.

anu.j.das said...

I responded 2 ur fist question cris.y did u disappear?we need ur comments as advise,complement etc