Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's That Word?

I thought of coming to Wordsmaid today after having to confront a lot of that-word-is-in-the-tip-of-my-tongue situations. Ye all know what I'm talking about. You are writing a piece and all of a sudden you cannot think of a particular word. You know very well there is an apt word to use and may have used it in the past. No synonyms would be good enough. You are looking for that one word but it just won't come to you at the moment. I can tell you nothing can be more frustrating for a writer (here a writer would refer to anyone who types words into a computer, viz., me!).

This has been happening to me a tad too often recently I can only blame my lack of reading for it. Is that when this happens, Mr Wordsmaid? Need your advise. And also your prescription on how to rid of it.


pooja said...

A major problem of mine too.It can get you so frustrated, irritated and God alone knows what else.

Manu Remakant said...

Cris, yes, we need to beef up our word power. Fatten the vocabulary. I too faced the same situation many times. Books tell us that you must develop the habit of referring thesaurus as you write. I have never found that comfortable. Oh for that write word, I am ready to sacrifice anything. Reading of course gives you lot of space and options. Develop the habit of reading dictionaries. Use the new words deliberately.