Saturday, March 26, 2011

Being Free...

Language has become very much difficult,as well as writing.I wish I was back by 5 years when I felt free to write anything anyway I wanted.No worries,no quest.But,now everything is changed,completely.I depend on many source to write even a few lines.Ithink over and over again before i write something.The unavailability of the right word at the right time has become a lump to proceed further.May be its just a fear or maybe not.Whatever it is,has made me uneasy.Anyways I not going to stop on the way.Not the end afterall.

The Past

Some people gift u such memories in way that lets u cherish a lifetime.Though it seem so good,I hate it.I hate the way it has become a memory and nothing more...May be cause am selfish...or greedy.I dont know.I try to forget them,thinking thats rather better than worrying over them.But it never happens.It just wont happen at cruel it is...

Being brought up abroad,I had to bid farewell to my friends,teachers,people...and everything.Thanks to the technology,internet and the mobilephones.But,still i wish to get back those high school days.I can bet we had much fun back then even though many of never spend time together.I know that I dont even have half the fun and peace i had then,now.

It's this that makes me badly wish for a Time machine.Believe it or not I even sometimes pray before i go to bed,wishing to go back to the past atleast in my dreams. ;-))

Saturday, March 19, 2011

In a moonlit dawn,
I found myself in a dense forest.
Where to go? What to do??
Help me God!!

The voice inside me arose
Into a sweet marvelous music,
"There's someone waiting for you,
Keep walking to where your heart says!"