Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where is everyone??

I guess its the EXAMZzzzz...!Noone is around...everywhere mute....quietness...God!
Wish people come over here soonnnn.It is taking so long for these examz to get over! :-(( well...anyways MY best wishes for all who r writing the examss....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh!Names Again...

I still remember how embarrassed i got calling my friend the wrong name...I had to er...

I still don no what to call this forgetfulness.I even forget the name of my bench mate.Sometimes it makes me sad,angry and surprised.Does all suffer this trouble?Well,surely i know many who remember my name when i forget theirs.Wish i knew some trick to remember names...I do use identification tricks.Sometimes the meaning of the name,its uniqueness,suitability to the person etc help me.

Even after applying these tricks i forget names.Maybe ill find out a better way to remember names i do not want to forget.Wish somebody help me too..:-(

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sometimes imagining things can do a lot of good.I know this cz...i do imagine it stupid or nice or smart..i imagine..wonder what i can do then...
It seem usefull.A determination to face the worst and the best too.I wonder if anyone has noticed it to be usefull...but it is.
It works for me during exams.I think over the matter that can come in paper,the style and the worst i prepare for the worst.Its tough to it may sometimes make u lose heart.I do it...and maybe...No..and it is why am less tensed during exams.A trick i chose to face the tough.