Monday, June 13, 2011


"Kill him!!!Kill him!!!, shouted the boy.

The roughness and hatred in his voice shook me.His voice brimmed with rage and revenge.

Why did a fourteen years old boy say like this?Am I in America?No, it is a small browsing centre in kollam district.

It was a friday,15th April, I was breathlessly doing my work regarding NSS at the browsing centre.

I raised my head with anxiety.

Oh, the boys were playing games on the computer.They were in a car chase not in their seats.Their car ran like a cheetah.It ran over human beings."Kill him and get the money!!!"
Their full attention was on the screen.They thoroughly forgot their surroundings.

For a moment I went back to my childhood; where I lived as a bookworm. I used to read books like 'Balarama'and kalikuduka'.The colourful picture stories in them took me to a world of imagination and knowledge.Through them indirectly I knew about the morals in society.Through the characters in these books I identified good and bad personalities.

As a kid living in the world of imagination,I spent most of my time for books.I lived,nurtured,and grew up on books.I knew about my culture and the warmth of my soil through the letters.

My Granny told me several stories.Most of them were moral stories especially from Ramayana and Mahabharata.I identified myself with the kings and angels in the stories.I accepted their positives into my heart.I was as surprised as when I reached the wonders of the wnderland as Alice.

In my schooldays,children from all around our area walked togather to our school.We trew stones at mangoes,collected tamarind,stole 'champakka' from the houses.We told pompous stories to each other about ourselves like,"I have a t.v at home as big as an elephant","My papap is in the military and he gave me a gun", and so on.Even though we hadn't even seen a gun or a fridge at that time.But anyway wev enjoyed such innocent lies.

We reluctantly sat in the classes.At intervals we jumped into the big courtyard of our shool.We played 'sat','mother and kid' and 'pazhukka'etc.

We ran,jumped,fell down.....

In the evening we reached home with mud covered dresses, sweat, sometimes with wounds in the body.

We enjoyed each and every moment of our childhood along with nature........along with ourselves.

We lived every second.

But now at the age of 18, sitting at thev browsing centre I realised how much the world had changed around me.

The young generation is now unaware of the 'wonderland of Alice' or the 'magic lamp of Aladin'.For them these are stupidities.

They have no time to waste for silly imagination.They are practical.Life meant action,struggle&money.They value hatred,outrage and murder.Compassion,love,sympathy are absolute trash.

When the people in earlier generation came into crises like debt,most of them thought about suicide.But the new generation are not fools like that."kill him and get the money"they will say.

The younger generation is floating with technology.Click-click-their hearts beat.Click-click is the harmony of their lives.

Technology burned the humanistic values inside them.Technology injects artificiality,cruelty and hatred.than human beings, they are YENTHIRANS.

They have no compassion for their fellow beings.No love for parents, no sympathy towards the suffering thousands.How can you expect them to be changed when they are grown up?They have a bundle of knoledge but no wisdom.

Who is responsible for this?our media have a major role.

Isn't it a time for a reawakening, for a re-think?


Neethu Asokan said...

and click click goes their mobiles and laptops...
u r right...its time or maybe time over?? for a rethink...

Ekanthapadhikan said...

You have pointed your finger at a very relevant issue. But blaming technology is not a solution. And going back in times is not possible. From the beginning, the earth has kept progressing or evolving, which ever way you want to call it. Technology is man made and is inanimate. Technology has no will of its own and hence cannot be useful or harmful unless we use them for the better or for bad. But yes. It's high time that people started thinking and become aware of this issue. Where should we start? If you notice our parents and their parents lived almost in a similar society. Your grandfather might have brought the first TV in your house and your dad must have used it. But there is a huge generation gap between us and our parents' generation. Our parents are more or less unaware of all the technology that we use. I guess, it's us, the present generation is at an advantage of knowing the better and bad of the two worlds. The solution to this lies with us. Let us all take an oath that our children would never feel so lost as we do. I think we owe it to them...

pooja said...

I agree with ekanthapadhikan too.Besides, it is in our hands to use or misuse the tecnology we have in our hands.

wordsmaid said...

"Kill him!!!Kill him!!!, (You began it arresting wordsmaid’s attention with that excitement. Well You sought my attention. Let me see you rise to my expectation)
Am I in America?(A sweeping comment made at the expense of America. Is that country as vilolence ridden as Yemen?).
They were in a car chase not in their seats (Wordsmaid cannot visualize that)
to my childhood; where I lived (Where or when?)
my soil through the letters.(What letters?)
accepted their positives (Can you find a better word for accepted and positives, dear?)
We threw stones at mangoes,collected tamarind, (Good construction, but the reader might think that, you throw stones at a mango tree, down falls tamarind!)
We played 'sat','mother and kid' and 'pazhukka'etc. (Anuja, you can rewrite it…”We played ‘sat’, ‘mother and kid’, pazhukka’….) Not ‘etc ‘ stuff, that is too grammar-like)
We ran,jumped,fell down.....(Love you for that construction and the trailing off)
mud covered dresses, sweat, sometimes with wounds in the body.(Rewrite)
now unaware of the 'wonderland of Alice' or the 'magic lamp of Aladin'.For them these are stupidities. (Unaware means, they don’t know their existence. Then how come they view it as stupidities? Even otherwise, stupidty is not the word that gives it the flourish)
The younger generation is floating with (on) technology.Click-click…their hearts beat.Click-click is the harmony of their lives. (Beaaaaaauuuuuuutiful)
How can you expect them to be changed when they are grown up? (How can you expect them to change as they grow up?)
Who is responsible for this?our media have a major role. (How media? Why media?Hey, don’t run away. Please explain)

Isn't it a time for a reawakening, for a re-think? (Find a better ending. This is cliché stuff, alle?)
It was a wonderful exerience going through your essay, dear. You have come a long way. Read, write, keep firing.

anuja said...

Ekanthapadhikan, I don't oppose technology. Iam aware of its advantages and importance. Inshort, technology is the prophet of drastic change and development. Even Wordsmaid takes advantage of it.

But my question is, whether it is good to live in a society where there is only technology without any humanistic values.

Why do v give more importance to violence and cruelty? Is it good to teach children to kill each other? Should murder scenes and accidents be telecasted live?
Our conscience isdying because of this.Recently channels telecasted the live scenes of a man's deaththroes after being gored by a wild elephant. The elephant killed him bruetally and we celebrated his death by sitting comfortably in our chairs. Can we feel his suffering through the moniter?
To see such scenes continuously, kills our conscience. You become a heartless beast. A beast who can put a knife through the heart of his fellow being.
Is that good 4 a society???
Here, clearly, iam not blaming technology. But it should have certain criteria. Mobile phones are good. But it becomes a problem for the society when you misuse them. Can we ignore the problems considering the positives.?
Can u say these visuals and video games won't affect the young mind? This may me a reason for the increasing number of violence in the society today. Earlier i used to shut my ears Whenever i heard about bloodshed$violence. But nw things changed. nw i am confident enough to see a murder with my own eyes (i think).I am familiar with death throes and bloodshed now that i see it so often.Maybe i can kill a person with my own hands.

What will happen to the society, if everyone started to think so ,murder as a solution to little problems?

anuja said...
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anuja said...

Thank you Ekanthapadhikan for your comment.

anuja said...

Thank you Words Maid .
I wrote the name America without a second thought. America is defenitly better than so many nations like yemen.Iam sorry for the mistake.

Sir, next time I'll try to collect mangoes when i threw stones at mango tree.

Can u help to rewrite the sentence that u mentioned above????

Eventhough the kids got opportunities to read they where not ready for that. IT didn't appeal to them.

It was atready 4.15 when i typed the third page of the article. I had to windup at 4.30 , so that immediatly i edited the remaining one page. That's y , there occured a lack of clarity at the end.

anuja said...

Thank u neethu.

Paru said...

yaar..............i went back to my childhood.

anu.j.das said...

good $ provocative thought anu.