Friday, July 22, 2011

A walk with my thoughts.

The monotonous voice dictating notes drones on.I force my heavy eyelids open.My tired eyes stroll accross the class envious of those who sleep peacefully.My thoughts wander to my lunchbox.The tummy utters an impatient growl.A glance at my partner's watch advocates patience.

My thoughts take a walk around and settle down on this morning.Today,a fresh batch of first year students arrived.

Hesitant steps.Anxious faces.Frightened glances.The air was heavy with a heady concoction of apprehension,excitement and tension.Hearts pounded in the darting ,lost eyes.

I accompany my thoughts to my first day of my college life.My initial impressions about the campus.The frustration,disappointment,anger and dislike with which I approached my college and classmates.

The loss,despair and sadness I felt in being rudely uprooted from my homeland manifested as a deep sense of dislike,contempt and anger towards anything and everything associated with the new place into which I was dumped.

My family had just shifted from Kochi-the place where I grew up-to Kollam,my parents hometown.

It feels like yesterday when I,a thin,defiant,lonely girl with a serious 'attitude' walked into this campus for the first time.A girl stubborn not to gel with the surroundings or fellow students.I refused to notice anything good or positive around me.I slammed the doors of my mind shut.

The campus knocked ,then banged at the doors of my heart until I yeilded.The campus which was once a hostile stranger soon became a good friend.

Today,as a final year student,I sit by astounded at how fast time flies.Two exciting,eventful,enriching,enlightning years later,I can't begin to think of leaving behind this campus,my teachers and friends who have become a part of me and my life.

This campus has filled my heart with innumerous warm memories,it pointed out a direction for me to pursue in my life,blessed me with the honour of being in the midst of good people and gifted me with a small handful of sincere relations.....I have no regrets whatsoever with regard to my tenure here........

The teacher stops dictating.I summon myself and my thoughts, back to the classroom.The teacher looks around at the half-asleep class.Heads look up in hope.

"Thats enough for today",she says.A wave of relief surges through the students.

She steps out.The class leaps back to life.Jokes,laughs,chatter,merriment.


anu.j.das said...

Intersting one yaa.i really went back 2 my first day in our is our colege which opened innumerable opportunity before us and gives time 2 realise who we r.simply superb.keep going dear

anuja said...

Did you write it through my eyes?

pooja said...

thanks anu,
I agree with what you said.I owe a lot to our campus.

Paru said...

Pooja,do you sleep with your eyes wide open?

pooja said...

Thanks anuja&paru.

As for sleeping with my eyes open,you taught me that trick didn't you Paru??

Kaveri Chandrakumar said...

I wud jst lyk to repeat wat I told u earlier.....

U do have the material to make a GR8 writer.....!!!!

Nd yes...:-D..u described our mindset accurately..(everyone's the same..u see.;-D)....
once again.., gud one!!!

pooja said...

Thank you kaveri..

revathybabus said...

Good one pooj. I still do remember the first time i met you in our campus. You were really nervoussed, In the begining you always quoted 'This place sucks.. college sucks....' but i didnt felt bad because i knew once you will change. at last it happened.