Monday, August 29, 2011




_ O _ _ I _ _ E _ _







Years passed...
i felt..
and it was a feeling after all..

When the rain splashed on my windows,
When the cool breeze caressed me,
When the turned to wind...
I realised this is heaven afterall,

To close i felt to my past,
Felt like i have felt such am emotion,
Lives ago...

Today i sit beside my window
looking past the grill,

A cuckoo sat on the branch,
Occasionaly cooing,

Each time i heard her,
I knew am not home,

I missed ma home even more,
more than ever,

A tear fell from my eye,
along with a rain drop on my window sill,

contentment filled me...
i smiled...
few more days
to huddle on my bed,

The breeze again
i drifted along...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

First favourite thing on Mind!

Hey all!

Could have some more colour here? Why don't we all pick a thing of our interest, a pastime, a picture, a celebrity,a book, a place,a movie, a historical event, a favourite dish? And write about it. The first ten things that come to our mind when we think about them!  This has got to be fun.Add a little punch, maybe a slide in a storyline, or perhaps pleat a poem out of it. Who's in?


To step out our home require a lot of thinking.Its scary, after reading all those crimes around the city.Amazing that there has been no effect to lessen crimes watever the government does or are they doing something???

Do you guys think capital punishment would stop the crime??Time to scratch heads.Just think if it was just here and there we could handle but this is recurring.

On my way to the lab in tvm i actually saw criminals guared by police.And almost in the whole month there i saw new ones most of the days.And the shocking part is, all were charged with sex crime.On my way in train I had to travel with similarly charged criminals guarded by police.I noticed the criminals too late,lest i wouldnt have choosen that bogie!!Just scared people..dont know,once bold person surely gonna change after reading those crimes.

God knows where the respect for eachother have gone!To travel alone have become a third thought.Maybe later a history.

Hoping to a change of human mind.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

To be Honest

Am like tide..once i get onto the shore i sweep of almost everything i get in ma hands...

I actually have deactivated my other account in public sites because i realise how important wordsmaid is for me...I sign in for a short span and waste time on the mails i get...

Wat to do?But now am free and back..hopefully ill be seen surely...

A strong comeback


Time and tide waits....

Time is a factor we cant stop.Wish we could,but imagine if we could how corrupted our world would have been!This is better be.Everything is made right by mother nature.No objection.

I wonder where my puntuality have gone...thanks to these drastic traffic!!Lord knows wats travel just few kilometers i spend an hour.I look at those certificates and badges i won for my puntuality...mere memories now.Its not us alone but the society,the life,the development that have robbed our time.

Who cares the financial crisis or the rise of petrol charge??Still the vehicles keep introduced to the potholes..

There is no hope afterall...wherever u go its all almost the same...

Its true that 'Time and tide waits for no one'.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


science explain...

We all or maybe most of us believed that it is a custom for the decisions to be made by older adults.Maybe the thought made we youngesters fume.There are moments when most of us longed to take up the decision making job.Usually when it comes to gals,when they actually do want to elope from marraige and continue studies.The excuse(or rather we felt for the truth) our elders gave was that they were far more experienced than us.

But, the fact is even science has proved that older adults are better at evaluating the immediate and delayed benefits of each option they choose from. They are better at creating strategies in response to the environment.And the younger adults were better when only the immediate rewards needed to be.Sad but true.

But what I felt is its better to let them decide because people like me are better when with a guide than alone.lolzzz...
And am happy about that too except for the fact that if my elders were wise enough at 40 I would maybe take ten years extra...

Its truly said...'With Age Comes Wisdom'.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Hundred Posts!

Trumpets and drumrolls! Tatadadaaa! Out rolls the red carpet and a hundred synchronized bursts of confetti! May I steal the Hundredth post on Wordsmaid !

Well, officially, including the drafts of them lazy writers, this is the hundredth post! First of all, congratulations all! Thank you everybody, on behalf of everybody, to have contributed to Wordsmaid with so much enthusiasm (don't smirk now, I did post a few right?). A communion of amateur writers is the, pardon the next word, Funnest place to be! It's a raw cacophony of genuine thoughts and emotion, true to the last strand, rough and unpolished yet evolving. I think it's better than stereotyped and predictable. Then again, we just get conditioned without wanting to, but the words we speak are etched with designs from our prime. So go! Find beauty, find love, find what you want to find! At this junction where time meets space You are here for a purpose.Now is all you have. Okay the reality rope that binds me to the earth is starting give a little tug, I can get pretty high on this whole "Life is awesome" talk huh? Anyway, keep posting. I love reading wordsmaid.

And what are you guys reading now? I'm reading the shelf off as I have nothing particular to do these days; Hemingway was the best of all what I read last.I'm awaiting the allotment for my college.Architecture is what I have wound up with at the end of it all. I'm looking forward to it, surfing famous architects and all.Enough of my rambling. Take care.

The cats have disappeared

It wasn't sudden.What didn't happen was,one fine april evening as the sun smiled down thruogh the trees,Amy stepped out into the backyard to discover that,each of the 13 stray cats who usually fringed the compound walls of her neighbours' home, creating a scene as they sat,stood,meowed, licked and touched up their hairdo;all perched as though posing for a photoshoot as they awaited their daily meal of boiled rice and leftover fish,had disappeared without a trace.

It was gradual.A cat at a time.

Amy noticed it only when,one evening as she sat reading a paperback novel reclining on a chair placed under the cool shade of the trees,she heard a meow.She glanced up.Her eyes settled on a snow-white cat crossing the grassy yard.

Amy looks around and realises that something is amiss.She can't remember the last time she saw the cats on the wall.Was it last week?Or was it the week before that?Or even longer?

Where did they go?

At the moment,Amy doesn't know that 10 yards away from where she sits,deep in the undergrowth,lies the answer.Two coiled sacks of neurotoxin,ready for the pump.

Seven days later,Amy joined the cats.

Amy Andrews,18,died of multiple snakebites on 24th April 2011.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pls help Dr.Wordsmaid

What do you mean by the 'voice of a writer'?How does one develop it?
How important is reading aloud our write-ups?

Monday, August 15, 2011


Wonder as years pass technology could change develop so magnificiently...There are still moms or grand moms who still cant properly use or hold a mobile.I still do know how their children and grand kids sarcastically comment them.What we still dont think of is technology never dies till human mind is alive.One day surely is gonna come when the most simple gadget of our son couldnt be handled by us!
The generation has has the nature.Thankgod history is something we consider!Or else just imagine today never being remembered and erased....
After all there is always a way to everything.