Saturday, August 27, 2011


To step out our home require a lot of thinking.Its scary, after reading all those crimes around the city.Amazing that there has been no effect to lessen crimes watever the government does or are they doing something???

Do you guys think capital punishment would stop the crime??Time to scratch heads.Just think if it was just here and there we could handle but this is recurring.

On my way to the lab in tvm i actually saw criminals guared by police.And almost in the whole month there i saw new ones most of the days.And the shocking part is, all were charged with sex crime.On my way in train I had to travel with similarly charged criminals guarded by police.I noticed the criminals too late,lest i wouldnt have choosen that bogie!!Just scared people..dont know,once bold person surely gonna change after reading those crimes.

God knows where the respect for eachother have gone!To travel alone have become a third thought.Maybe later a history.

Hoping to a change of human mind.

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