Monday, August 29, 2011


Years passed...
i felt..
and it was a feeling after all..

When the rain splashed on my windows,
When the cool breeze caressed me,
When the turned to wind...
I realised this is heaven afterall,

To close i felt to my past,
Felt like i have felt such am emotion,
Lives ago...

Today i sit beside my window
looking past the grill,

A cuckoo sat on the branch,
Occasionaly cooing,

Each time i heard her,
I knew am not home,

I missed ma home even more,
more than ever,

A tear fell from my eye,
along with a rain drop on my window sill,

contentment filled me...
i smiled...
few more days
to huddle on my bed,

The breeze again
i drifted along...

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