Saturday, September 24, 2011

The importance of nouns

“The owners had felled big-leaf maple, Douglas fir, Lombardy poplar, red cedar, that black locust and a little cherry. I cut about three cords of locust, maple and cherry, using my truck like a tractor to skid the big logs free of one another and swamping them out with a limbing ax and a bow saw.”

Look at this piece. Why is it special? The writer has taken pains to get the proper nouns of all the trees and tools he has to use in this writing. when we read such piece we feel safe in the writer's hands. He knows the stuff, he deals with. So next time you write get those names right and give a good journey for your readers. Many famous writers make a word list(terminology) of a particular genre before they get down to write about that subject. 

So here is the question: What is the English name for that particular tool we use in our backyard, called 'manvetti'? (Mal)