Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Sound

Mary Hood’s ‘How far he went’.

Early on in the story, the grandmother hears at a distance “the pulpwood cutters sawing through another acre across the lake. Nearer, there was a racket of motorcycles laboring cross-country, insect-like, distracting.” Later in the story, after discovering – they hear “the glissando of locusts, the dry crunch of boots in the flinty beach, their low man-talk drifting…” After several terrifying hours one bike starter up, the other “ratcheted, ratcheted, then coughed, caught, roared.” Finally when the motor cycles were gone, “crickets resumed, a near frog bic-bic-bicked.”

“Dry crunch” (not loud, harsh, high-pitched) – the writer employs an adjective not usually associated with the sense of sound. (Keep list of your favourite sound words). There is no word 'bic-bic-bicked' in dictionary. But he has created the effect

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pooja said...

I particularly liked 'dry crunch'.
It makes me see, hear and feel what the writer means.