Saturday, October 1, 2011

Details open the window

Readers want a picture – something to see, not just a paragraph to read. A picture made out of words. that’s what makes a pro out of an amateur. An amateur writer tells a story. A pro shows the story, creates a picture to look at instead of just words to read. A good author writes with a camera, not with a pen.

The amateur writes: “Bill was nervous.”

The pro writes: “Bill sat in a dentist’s waiting room, peeling the skin at the edge of his thumb, until the raw, red flesh began to show. Biting the torn cuticle, he ripped it away, and sucked at the warm sweetness of his own blood.”


“Manu was tired,” the reader arrives at a mental dead end, left with no imaginative opportunities for envisioning. Compare this to a description such as “Manu shuffled into the kitchen, yawning and blinking. Collapsing into the chair, he closed his eyes, crossed his arms for a pillow, and slowly tucked his head on to the fold.”

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pooja said...

Another thing that makes a pro stand apart from the amatuer is 'wordiness'.

In the writing of a pro there wont be one excess word.It will be a 'well sculpted piece'