Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A drizzle of droplets dribbled by,
Fading away the candles fair,
Stood on to the coffin's head,
Where you,my friend slept in peace.

Dressed in gloomy white you lay,
An angel at her well-earned rest,
Brief was time and hard was life,
But perfect were the moments you spent.

Life was a cross hanged on your neck,
Like the one in your folded hands,
But the vim with which you met
The questions of life made you great.

Never did fate smile upon you,
Ever did friends ignore you,
But I think the time has come,
When God cared to look at you.

Oh! dear look at them cry,
Whom at death-bed ignored you,
They weep their hearts out,
Soon to be filled again with blooms of joy.

The way you filled my paths with love,
Made you a good pal of mine,
Never will I forget how you cared,
Me, who had only pains to bear.

The deafening silence your mind conveys,
Like sword pierces my inner soul.
Ah! I feel the world around me,
Collapsing into grains of sand.

Now, with tears streaming in my eyes,
Let me kiss you for a final time,
Time to move on to a heavenly world,
Where, May your soul rest in peace.


pooja said...

Nice paru.........

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Paru said...

Thank you friends...