Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's all Over

Warnings are never heeded to on time. Accidents, terror attacks, avoidable situations and instances of unwanted pain, regret all stand testimony to this . Yet, we never seem to learn.

I was warned of it 3 years ago. We all were. But no one spared an ear or thought for the prophetic words of our elders. "It will be over before you know it", they said.

Now it's too late. Signs of the imminent day are all around us and we stand helpless. Time slips through our fingers like beach sand.

Traces of THE END are everywhere. In the heavy pauses in conversation, in the hesitant pen poised thoughtfully over an open diary that awaits a few parting words to be penned, in the long sighs, in the glassy, lost eyes and in that tight knot of emotions that tugs at our hearts every time a thought of the end sneaks into our minds.

It's all over, our degree days. All that remains is to bid farewell.

There are tons of ways to say it, but nobody seems to know to unravel that confused, tangled knot of nameless emotions, fond memories and unforgettable moments, to lay it out and then, to neatly roll up the threads and to pack it all into that one word- GOODBYE.

It's not easy. It never is. Particularly when we have to say it to people we love. When the moment arrives, the obstinate words get stuck. Stuck in our pens. Stuck in our throat. Stuck in our eyes. And then , the moment passes and our dear ones walk out from our lives taking away with them chunks of our hearts. They leave behind voids- holes, most of which will get leveled with time but a few will remain like craters on the surface of the moon.

For me, my first 3 years as a student of English Literature are over. My first year introduced me to my first love- my subject. The second gifted me with a trusty friend in my pen and the third showed me how empty, drab and meaningless life would have been for me if I hadn't stumbled into the enchanting and exciting world of English Literature.

This is it. Here's my cue to say my Thank yous and to exit stage.

So to my dear teachers who inspired me to open my eyes and my heart to the amazing world of words and to my dear friends who made life worth living with their mere presence, I say, a big.........uh................ahem..........ex..excuse me.........((shake))....((shake))............................... ((shake))..............ugh!...............It's no use.............They are stuck. Stuck in my pen- the words.

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