Monday, January 2, 2012

A Message From a Stray Dog!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Oh! Oops. I meant HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Sorry about that. Y’see, it ain’t every day that dogs like me get a mike to bark into. So you’ll have to bear with all my mistakes.

By the way, my name’s Lucky and I was a sniffer dog in the police department. A girl wearing glasses came up to me this morning said she wanted me to give a New Years Day message to all of humanity. She smelt of soap.

I was taken aback but touched by her gesture. It was mighty nice of her to ask me, a poor, old, uncared for dog something like that. And that too politely! It felt good to be treated kindly. Who treats stray dogs kindly anyway? Can’t blame the people though. Hey, I didn’t lie about being a sniffer dog. It’s true. But when I grew old, my masters dumped me on the streets to fend for myself. I hear humans do that to their old parents too.

I know what that smirk on your face means. Nope. Don’t roll your eyes coz I may be a dog I am dog who’s been living with humans all my life. Besides, I am old and with age comes wisom (nobody believes that part anymore).

That cheeky smirk said, “Yeah right. Do ya really think we’re gonna sit around listening to this kinda rubbish from a stupid old dog!!!!”

Aint I right or what?

Y’see, like I told you, I may be a dog but I am a dog with 15 years of experience behind me and in the canine world,15 years is a long time. But of course its upto you whether to listen to me or not but you can’t stop me from saying it.

Before I go on, lemme make two things clear to you. First is, I aint no orator. So I can’t be expected to be eloquent and charming in my words. I’ll say what I wanna say in as simple a manner as possible. The second thng is, just coz i am dog does not mean what I say is meant for the canine world. I speak for the ears of humanity. Are you clear on that?

The New Years Day message........hmmm...I thought long and deep about what to tell you guys. But before I get on with it, lemme ask you to go on a rewind. How was the last year for you? Evaluate the year 2011.

What did you evaluate it on the basis of? Profit? Loss? Success? Fun? Or how much good the year did for you?

Good coz all of these things do matter. Afterall, your life is meant to be enjoyed.

But have you wondered about the other beings around you? Do you know how exhilarating it feels to be the reason behind another’s smile? Have you ever paused in your busy life to lend a listening ear, a helping hand, a warm hug or a friendly smile to anyone?

Think back. Dig out every incident that occurred in the last year and see whether you have touched any one life with the warmth and generosity of love.

If your answer to that is a ‘Yes’, my friend (no offence intended) your life has been worthwhile. The year 2011 has not gone in vain for you.

If your answer is a ‘No’, I pity you.

My New Year’s message to y’all is, pursue your dreams and ambitions with all the passion in your heart. But along the way to your goal, if you see needy man(or dog ;) stop. Don’t walk on like you didn’t see him. You won’t lose a thing if you lend a helping hand to one in need.

Love is powerful. A small gesture of kindness on your part may even save a life. What you do may seem small and irrelevant to the probing eyes of the world but may mean the world to the person whose life you’ve touched with your loving heart.

Are you wondering what right a ragged old stray dog like me has to speak of something as wonderful as love?

I have been a recipient of such wholehearted love and kindness. That is why I speak of it. I was ditched by my owner the day I was born. I was left out on the streets to die. Since I was too small and hadn’t even opened my eyes all I could do was to cry my heart out. Soon I sensed movement around me and felt cool water run down my parched throat.

A child had found me. He took me home, named me, nurtured and trained me and made me the best sniffer dog in the Police Department. His father was a police officer. He took good care of me till his father got transferred and I was forced to stay back. The love and kindness in the child’s heart saved my life coz otherwise you wouldn't be listening to me right now.

As the year 2012 extends a red carpet welcome to y’all, I wish you a year filled with ten times as much love, joy and peace as you extend to the world.

Go on. Give it a try. It aint all that hard. Just be good to everything and everyone around you. Spread love, cheer and happiness and see how happy you’ll feel at heart at the end of it. Trust me. It’s worth the effort.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. By the way, do give a thought to mother nature too coz all our lives depend on her good health (particularly mine- your garbage stinks!!!!!!))

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