Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finally i decided....
Finally i decided to write something... But still it is a fact that my mind is blank. I don't have anything to write in this blog. Even though i want to write something. Otherwise how can i say to my children that i was a student of Dr. MANU REMAKANTH.
It is the most busy days of final year degree students. I their exam time. Somebody in their last preparations, someone may be opened books for the first time. some became confused by doing projects. some are searching for painters to complete their records. They are busy in writing autographs also. In the corners of our campus they are sharing their last cheering moments of their everlasting memories.
It is the campus also missing its last drop of cool students. It is true. The yearly academic process came to an end. It is he time of semester system.
Now its enough..I will be back with some intresting stories.

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