Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ah, the mysteries beyond...

Exams always bring out this creative spurt to do anything except study.  Past day-before-exam endeavours include, a sudden eye for photography, designing anything from dresses to skyscrapers, bursts of inspired writing and of course, taking over territory I would otherwise never enter; The Kitchen.
So, it’s the day before our English exam.  Somewhere between trying a hand at ‘maanga achar’ and cursing out the educational system, I pick up my text thinking I've got to read something to pump air into my paper.  I flip open a random page and who else but Shakespeare smirks back at me.  ‘To Be or Not to Be’.   An epic struggle as whether to kill oneself or to kill the uncle.  Ah, what a question!
But anyway, it got me thinking.  What does the mysterious realm of the afterlife have in store for us?  Why, in spite of all our advances, do we still portray a dark portal? Why should the unknown bring dread, doom?  Why can’t it just BE.  Although the loss of a loved one is a completely different agenda altogether.  I was thinking more on a self perspective of the matter.
Or what if we had a choice?  What if we could choose our 'death', 'afterlife', or whatever you want to call it, oblivious to heaven and hell and all that reincarnation?  What if it depended upon our wish?
What if, when I die every molecule scatters.  My entire existence, my‘self ’, shall dissolve into every being, the earth, the wind, the sea, the sky.  Into every new craft, every invention of humanity, I shall be molded. I will experience the awakening of each thought and dwell in every new experience. But I alone will experience nothing.  I cease to exist as the numerous thoughts, deeds and emotions of an individual and become one with that palpitating beat, that ever changing rhythm of our world which can never, no matter how impossible it gets, exist in the plural.
ah, if only...

eeepp....!!  I did it yet again!  Blasted exams!!!